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Fedden, Sebastian, Timothy Feist, Matthew Baerman, Dunstan Brown, Greville G. Corbett and Gunter Senft. 2015. Mian and Kilivila Collection. University of Surrey.

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The Mian and Kilivila Collection contains information pertaining to the nominal classification systems of two indigenous languages of Papua New Guinea, Mian and Kilivila. Kilivila has a single system of classifiers, with a great number of distinctions, while Mian has a dual system, which combines four genders and six classifiers. The Digital Collection on this website permits users to gain a greater understanding of these systems by exploring images of Mian and Kilivila objects and people. Users are also able to test what they have learnt about the classification systems of these two languages by taking the online Quiz.


The Mian and Kilivila Collection was created as part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) Project: Combining Gender and Classifiers in Natural Language (grant AH/K003194/1). The support of the AHRC is gratefully acknowledged. In addition to the creators of the website, we are extremely grateful to Gunter Senft, of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (Nijmegen), for his time and expertise in all matters relating to the Kilivila data and images.



Creators: Fedden, Sebastian; Feist, Timothy; Baerman, Matthew; Brown, Dunstan; Corbett, Greville G.; Senft, Gunter

Title: Mian and Kilivila Collection

Publisher: University of Surrey

Year: 2015