How it works

Here you have the opportunity to see the categorization systems of Mian and Kilivila in action. Below you see a selection of images of Mian and Kilivila objects and people. Click on any of these to get an enlarged image and some information about what is depicted. When you click on either language name only the images which belong to that language are displayed.

If you click on Mian you can select one gender and one classifier, for example Neuter 1 gender and the Long classifier, and see which objects this combination of categories applies to (in this case the tobacco leaves, the bush knife and the traditional eating implement, which the Mianmin call atit). Click on different combinations of genders and classifiers to explore the system further. When you feel that you have a good idea of how it works try the Quiz!

If you click on Kilivila you can select one classifier, for example the Wooden Object classifier, and see which objects are so classified (in this case the canoe, the digging stick, the fish spear and several others).¬†Click on different classifiers to get a feel for the system. When you think you know how it works it’s time to try the Quiz!